A Welcome Deal

After Britain voted to leave the EU, this was the best possible outcome. It will be Christmas in 103 minutes. It will likely be Christmas by the time I finish writing this. For Britain, Christmas came a day early. Regardless of where one finds themselves on the broader Brexit spectrum, it takes only an ounceContinue reading “A Welcome Deal”

Money vs. Morals

Western sports’ two most powerful figures to have publicly criticised the Chinese Communist Party were met with hostility – and not just from China, but their own employers. Now, a contest looms. Mesut Özil has, in all likelihood, played his last game for Arsenal Football Club. At first glance, the rapid fall from grace ofContinue reading “Money vs. Morals”

Life After 45

Let us celebrate the return of honesty and the arrival of a woman to the White House; but, to those with who we disagree, it’s time to stop saying how could you, and instead ask why do you? And breathe. America, you really had me going there. On election night I was plagued by flashbacksContinue reading “Life After 45”


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