One question has dictated the build-up to this year’s Scottish Parliament elections, now less than two months away, above all others. It has affected – at times implicitly, and at times most overtly – debate over issues ranging from Covid-19 response, to NHS funding, to what exactly Scotland’s future relationship with European Union will entail.Continue reading “IndyRef2050”

Tackling Tyranny

A week after Myanmar’s genocidal military overthrew its government, Putin violently cracked down on dissent, and the BBC released yet another harrowing report on the evils taking place inside China’s “re-education centres,” the squabbling West seems incapable to respond.

A Welcome Deal

After Britain voted to leave the EU, this was the best possible outcome. It will be Christmas in 103 minutes. It will likely be Christmas by the time I finish writing this. For Britain, Christmas came a day early. Regardless of where one finds themselves on the broader Brexit spectrum, it takes only an ounceContinue reading “A Welcome Deal”


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