Leaving The Atocha Station

Perhaps I should be concerned by how agreeable I found Adam Gordon, the protagonist in Ben Lerner’s debut novel, Leaving The Atocha Station.  I’m not sure what in particular drew me to him. It may have been his proclivity for cannabis with his morning coffee; or maybe it was his wallowing self-doubt and relentless self-pity; possiblyContinue reading “Leaving The Atocha Station”

Allez Paris

23rd August, 2020 Allez Paris Saint-Germain echoes through the streets, along with the smell of beer and cigarettes, the blaring of motorbike horns and the steady hum of anticipation. Bodies in blue, red and white teem out of Boulevard de Clichy’s numerous bars, leaving jubilant fans 50 feet and 100 people away from the smallContinue reading “Allez Paris”


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