A wholly sincere argument in favour of a digital dictatorship, largely focusing on Ocado reviews

Uncensored and dogmatic, the masses now shout over experts – such as well-trained journalists like myself – meaning a select few are no longer able to dictate a sensible narrative. The result is we, as a people, are driven to extremism. To stand on the fence in 2023 is to stand in no man’s land.

Bernie Sanders in London

Last week, United States senator Bernie Sanders spoke at the Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall ahead of his new book, It’s Ok To Be Angry About Capitalism.  on whynow It turns out Bernie Sanders is a very funny man. Politics aside for a moment, his timing is impeccable, and his fondness for subtle, self-deprecating humour seemsContinue reading “Bernie Sanders in London”

Fear and Loathing in Dopamine Land

written for, published by, whynow. It was somewhere around South Kensington, sitting on the edge of a ball pit, when the dopamine began to take hold. I remember emptying my pockets and lowering myself in and suddenly I was overwhelmed by joy. Generic house music started coursing through my veins as my every sinew explodedContinue reading “Fear and Loathing in Dopamine Land”

The True Story Behind London’s Worst Restaurant

People go in search of a monstrosity. I did too. Rather, I found an outdated café, an internet smear campaign, and a well-meaning, thoughtful man with a fascinating story to tell.  It’s lunchtime on a Wednesday and the Palace Restaurant Café is empty, other than Alan. He’s owned the place for 34 years and stillContinue reading “The True Story Behind London’s Worst Restaurant”


Written for and published by whynow, September 2021 “Gather ’round, boys, girls and children; I have a fable to read to you all. Our story begins on a warm summer’s day; in a small tattered town; in a small tattered house, where a small tattered cat resided, mainly in his bed. A sad cat, renderedContinue reading “LORD OF BINS, PRINCE OF CATS, MEET LAUSSE”