What do Mesut Özil and Daryl Morey have in common?

Western sports’ two most powerful figures to have publicly criticised the Chinese Communist Party now find themselves on the side-lines.  Mesut Özil has, in all likelihood, played his last game for Arsenal.  At first glance, the rapid fall from grace of a player who, even at his peak, was somewhat of an enigma, should notContinue reading “What do Mesut Özil and Daryl Morey have in common?”

Leaving The Atocha Station

Perhaps I should be concerned by how agreeable I found Adam Gordon, the protagonist in Ben Lerner’s debut novel, Leaving The Atocha Station.  I’m not sure what in particular drew me to him. It may have been his proclivity for cannabis with his morning coffee; or maybe it was his wallowing self-doubt and relentless self-pity; possiblyContinue reading “Leaving The Atocha Station”

Lest We Forget: America Has A Gun Problem

Somewhere in the shithousery of 2020, I forgot about America’s gun problem. Since the start of 2017, the U.S has suffered mass shootings in Las Vegas, Parkland, Santa Fe, El Paso and Dayton – to name only a select few. One would have thought, therefore, that gun legislation would be a key campaign point forContinue reading “Lest We Forget: America Has A Gun Problem”

Two VPs; Two Americans; Two Americas.

Joe Biden has finally chosen his running mate. Though surprising to no one, the announcement of Kamala Harris remains ground-breaking nonetheless. In reality, it shouldn’t. Harris personifies so many of the values intrinsically linked to America’s identity, and those now lauded by folks in its most patriotic corners: fearless, forceful, fair. On the opposing ticket,Continue reading “Two VPs; Two Americans; Two Americas.”

The Five Best Books I Read During Lockdown

5. The Year of Magical Thinking – Joan Didion Precise, poignant, and brutally honest, Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking offers a remarkable insight into the mysterious world of grief. With each phrase, detail and excruciating feeling from the tragic twelve months included, the professionally labelled ‘cool customer’ highlights how swiftly one’s world can turn uponContinue reading “The Five Best Books I Read During Lockdown”

Post Lockdown Thoughts: We Know Better

“I’m sorry,” my Mother said, as we sat watching the 10 o’clock news. “It can’t be a very fun time to be twenty one.”  “I’m not sure,” I replied, without much thought. “It’s…” I began, before stopping and searching for the rational behind my resistance. Unable to find it, I took my 2,736th sip of cannedContinue reading “Post Lockdown Thoughts: We Know Better”

Post Lockdown Thoughts: In Order To Demand the Truth, We Must be Willing to Accept It

Over one hundred days have passed since Boris Johnson announced lockdown restrictions across Great Britain. As our Prime Minister – a man who envisions himself akin to wartime leaders such as Churchill and FDR – sat proudly in front of the Union Jack, clenching his fists in the face of looming danger, I could notContinue reading “Post Lockdown Thoughts: In Order To Demand the Truth, We Must be Willing to Accept It”